Connect to open data sources

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The storage of cultural heritage data is currently performed in many different ways, using different database formats. A common problem is being able to simply publish data to open cultural heritage data sources, such as (for example) Europeana. Museum Link makes this simple – we connect your museum database to the rest of the world, and make it publicly available by means of open interfaces such as Europeana (EU), SOCH/K-samsök (Sweden), Finna (Finland) and (Norway). Do you not have an open data source?  Contact us.


Museum Link synchronises your data with our database, which enables open data sources to access and publish your data. With Museum Link, you can specify how often the data is to be synchronised, which data is to be synchronised, and with which rights. You can choose whether it is only text or links to your pictures that are provided, or whether you also want us to provide intermediate storage of your pictures.


If there is any change in the way that the open data sources retrieve the data, we customise the upload process so that you don’t have to do anything.